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  • dire rats

    "This enormous rat looks bigger and more vicious than most dogs. It has coarse, spiky fur, malevolent eyes, and a long, naked tail."

    Dire rats komen o.a. voor in het riool van [[Velprintalar]]. Ze blijken extra lastig te …

  • bugbear

    "This muscular, savage humanoid stands 7 feet tall. Coarse hair covers most of its body. Its mouth is full of long, sharp fangs, and its nose is much like that of a bear."

  • dire ape

    "This great feral ape is about the size of an [[ogre]], but even more muscular. It is barrel-chested, with thick, black fur, long arms, and a broad muzzle. It seems well equipped with claws and teeth."

  • dire wolverine

    "This massive, low-slung creature has a wedge-shaped head and body covered in coarse, shaggy fur. Its legs are short and thick, and it has claws like pickaxes on its feet."

  • orc

    "This creature looks like a primitive human with gray skin and coarse hair. It has a stooped posture, low forehead, and a piglike face with prominent lower canines that resemble a boar's tusks."

  • deathlock

    "Skeletally thin, this figure wears a dramatic cloak fringed with magical sigils. Its cadaverous eyes sizzle with cursed power, and deadly spells dance on its fingertips."

  • brain in a jar

    "Something gray and shriveled sloshes within a grimy glass canister - a disembodied brain afloat in alchemical preservatives."

  • air elemental

    "This creature appears to be an amorphous, shifting cloud surrounded by fast-moving currents of air. Darker bits of twirling vapor form the suggestion of two eyes and a mouth, but this could be a trick of the swirling air."

  • dracolich

    "The dracolich is an undead creature resulting from the transformation of an evil dragon. A dracolich can be created from any of the evil dragon subspecies. It appears as a skeletal or semiskeletal version of its former self, with …

  • troll

    "This big bipedal creature is about one and a half times as tall as a human but very thin. It has long and ungainly arms and legs. The legs end in great three-toed feet, the arms in wide, powerful hands with sharpened claws. The hide is rubbery, …

  • griffon

    "This beast's body resembles that of a muscular lion. Its head and front legs are those of a great eagle, and it has a pair of large, golden wings."

  • assassin vine

    "This vine has a fibrous stern, covered with brown, stringy bark and as thick as a human's forearm. Its leaves are shaped like human hands."

  • chimera

    "This creature has the hindquarters of a big goat and the forequarters of a great lion. It has dragon wings and three heads: a horned goat, a maneless lion, and a fierce dragon."

  • Deathkiss beholder

    "Death kisses are around 10 feet wide with leathery, mottled gray skin. Their single central eye is devoid of magical power. Instead of the standard beholder's mouth and ten eyestalks, death kisses have ten toothed and blood-draining gullets, …

  • acherai

    "A large creature stands on four stiltlike legs. It has a birdlike body, round and plump, about the size of a small pony, balanced atop its legs. Feathers that range in color from brown to red cover its body, and its terrible claws and beak glint …

  • beholder

    "It floats before you, a bulbous body with a central, unblinking eye, and a large maw filled with daggerlike teeth. Smaller eyes, attached to wriggling stalks, sprout from the top of the orblike body."

  • gnoll

    "This humanoid is slightly taller than a human. It has gray skin, a furry body and a head like a hyena's, with a reddish-gray mane."

  • ankheg

    "A huge segmented insect with slender legs, each ending in a sharp claw, emerges from the ground in a burst of rock and dirt. A tough chitinous brown shell covers its entire body, and glistening black eyes stare out from above powerful mandibles.& …

  • conflagration ooze

    "This odd creature looks like a massive pudding of flame. Its glistening membrane barely seems able to contain the roaring inferno within it. Flames and fiery fluid swirl and flow through the ooze, and bursts and gouts of flame erupt from …

  • chilling fog

    "A thick fog bank radiates cold as it drifts toward you.

    A chilling fog is a living [[cone of cold]] spell, subjecting its prey to deathly frost."

  • alaghi

    "Alaghis are barrel-chested, with short thick necks and wide, flat heads with sloping brows. Their shoulders are broad, and their arms are long and powerful. Their legs are short but thick, and their hands and feet are very large."

  • dire bear

    "This hulking bear has bony brow ridges and claws like sickles, with a wildness and destructive gleam in its cold, piercing eyes."

  • dire wolf

    "This immense gray wolf seems as big as a horse. It has fiery eyes and a thick coat of fur."

  • goblinoid

    Meerdere subrassen of type monsters behoren tot de goblinoids: [[bugbear]]s, [[goblin]]s en [[hobgoblin]]s.

  • sea cat

    "This creature has a body like that of a porpoise or a small whale, with a leoning head and forepaws. A ruff of silky hair runs from the top of its head all the way to its tail flukes."

  • red dragon

    "The dragon has horns extending back over the neck, frilled ears, and smaller horns at the cheeks and chin, with rows of horns over the brows. The nose is beaklike and sports a small horn. A frill begins behind the head and runs to the tip of the …

  • kobold

    "This humanoid is about the size of a [[gnome]] or [[halfling]]. It has a scaly hide, a naked tail like that of a rat, and a doglike head with two small horns."

  • dire weasel

    "This sleek, fur-covered creature has a body longer than a human is tall. It has a wedged-shaped head crowned in short horns, four short legs, and a stumpy tail. It movements are fluid and very quick."

  • unicorn

    "This powerful, equine creature has a gleaming white coat and big lively eyes. Long, silky white hair hangs down in a mane and forelock. A single ivory-colored horn, about 2 feet long, grows from the center of the forehead. The hooves are cloven.& …

  • stone giant

    "This giant resembles a lean, muscular human. Its hard, hairless flesh is smooth and gray. It has gaunt facial features and deep-sunken, black eyes that makes it seem grim."

  • minotaur

    "The creature looks like an incredibly tall, powerfully muscled human, covered in shaggy fur, with the head of a bull. The dark eyes of the brute gleam with savage fury."

  • purple worm

    "This creature looks like a massive worm covered with plates of dark purple, chitinous armor. Its toothy maw is as wide as a human is tall."

  • dread guard

    "A dread guard appears to be an armored undead, still bearing the weapons and shield it carried in life. In fact, it is an animated suit of armor, little different from a [[golem]]."

  • helmed horror

    "An intimidating figure dressed in ancient, tarnished plate stands guard, a flaming sword clutched in its armored guantlets. A strange, purple radiance gleams from the joints in its armor."

  • mongrelfolk

    "Mongrelfolk, hideous creatures descended from generations of crossbreeding among the worst examples of many species, exhibit few redeeming qualities. Like canine mongrels, mongrelfolk vary widely in appearance, but they tend toward a generic …

  • dread warrior

    "Called forth to serve in undeath through foul necromantic magic, dread warriors are undead beings usually created from the corpses of skilled warriors."

  • wraith

    "This creature is a sinister, spectral figure robed in darkness. It has no visible features or appendages, except for the glowing red pinpoints of its eyes."

  • dread wraith

    "The oldest and most malevolent [[wraith]]s lurk in the depths of forgotten temples and other forsaken places."

  • void wraith

    "This creature appears to be a formless cloud of darkness, broken only by two pinpoints of glowing red. A breeze blows toward it, as if it were drawing air into its body."

  • lich

    "A lich is an undead spellcaster, usually a [[wizard]] or [[sorcerer]] but sometimes a [[cleric]] or other spellcaster, who has used its magical powers to unnaturally extend its life.

    A lich is a gaunt and skeletal humanoid with withered …

  • thomil

    "A thomil is an animate piece of rock with a humanoid form from the waist up but merging into the rock and earth beneath it."

  • dretch

    "This humanoid-looking creature has a squat and blubbery, almost hairless body, with pale, sickly flesh and a slack mouth full of small fangs."

  • vrock

    "This creature looks like a cross between a large human and a huge vulture. It has strong, sinewy limbs coverred with small gray feathers, a long neck topped with a vulture head, and vast feathered wings."

  • hezrou

    "This creature looks like a massive, roughly humanoid toad with arms in place of forelegs. Its wide mouth has rows of blunt, powerful teeth, and long spines run down the length of its back."

  • glabrezu

    "This creature is as tall as a giant, with a broad, muscular body. Its four arms end in weapons - two with clawed hands, two with powerful pincers. Its doglike head is topped with horns, and its muzzle drips with sharp fangs. Its eyes have a cold, …

  • earth elemental

    "Like a walking hill, the creature plods nearer on two featureless legs of rock and earth, its clublike arms of jagged stone swinging at its sides, and its featureless head staring blankly in your direction."

  • succubus

    "This creature is stunning, statuesque, andextraordinarily beautiful, with flawless skin and raven hair. Her form, so tempting, also hasan otherwordly side. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and her eyes glow with sinister desire."

  • drow

    "This humanoid is slender and shorter than a human. It has jet black skin and white hair."

  • marilith

    "This large, otherwordly entity appears to be an attractive female human with six arms - at least from her head to hear waist. From the waist down, the creature has the body of a massive snake with green, scaly coils."

  • arrowdemon

    "Lean and wiry, this four-armed creature holds two powerful longbows in its left arms and draws the strings back in parallel with its right arms. The massive arrows notched in the bows draw the eye, and the emaciated limbs with which it holds its …

  • treant

    "This tall being looks much like an animated tree. Its skin is thick and brown, with a barklike texture. Its arms are gnarled like branches, and its legs look like the split trunk of a tree. Above the eyes and along the head are dozens of smaller …

  • halfling

    "This humanoid stands about half as high as a human, it has an athletic build, ruddy skin, straight black hair, and dark eyes."

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