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  • griffon

    "This beast's body resembles that of a muscular lion. Its head and front legs are those of a great eagle, and it has a pair of large, golden wings."

  • sea cat

    "This creature has a body like that of a porpoise or a small whale, with a leoning head and forepaws. A ruff of silky hair runs from the top of its head all the way to its tail flukes."

  • red dragon

    "The dragon has horns extending back over the neck, frilled ears, and smaller horns at the cheeks and chin, with rows of horns over the brows. The nose is beaklike and sports a small horn. A frill begins behind the head and runs to the tip of the …

  • unicorn

    "This powerful, equine creature has a gleaming white coat and big lively eyes. Long, silky white hair hangs down in a mane and forelock. A single ivory-colored horn, about 2 feet long, grows from the center of the forehead. The hooves are cloven.& …

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