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  • wizard

    "Wizards depend on intensive study to create their magic. They examine musty old tomes, debate magical theory with their peers, and practice minor magics whenever they can. For a wizard, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art.& …

  • cleric

    "A cleric uses the power of his god to make the god's will manifest. Good clerics heal, protect and avenge. Evil clerics pillage, destroy, and sabotage. And if a cleric uses his god's power to improve his own lot, that's to be …

  • fighter

    "The fighter has the best all-around fighting capabilities. Fighters are familiar with all the standard weapons and armors. In addition to general fighting prowess, each fighter develops particular specialties of his own."

  • duskblade

    "The duskblade blurs the line between spellcaster and warrior, marrying the power of magic with hand-to-hand combat prowess."

  • druide

    "The fury of a storm, the gentle strength of the morning sun, the cunning of the fox, the power of the bear - all these and more are at the druid's command. The druid, however, claims no mastery over nature. That claim, she says, is the empty …

  • barbarian

    "The barbarian is an excellent warrior. Where the [[fighter]]'s skill in combat comes from training and discipline, however, the barbarian has a powerful rage. While in this berserk fury, he becomes stronger and tougher, better able to defeat …

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